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Travel Policies

To help make your trip a success, Catalina Express offers the follow guidelines.


  • check inAll passengers must check in at the ticket window.
  • Please plan on arriving at least one hour prior to departure.
  • Passengers must be checked-in, with tickets in hand, ready to board, at least 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • If you are not checked-in 15 minutes prior to departure, your seats will be forfeited and your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the round-trip fare.


  • Passengers are to wait in designated area until boarding is announced.
  • Passengers are to hold their own ticket.
  • An adult must accompany children under 7 years of age.

For your Safety

  • Wear soft-soled shoes.  High heels and leather-soled shoes are not recommended.
  • Pay attention to boarding ramp incline, it may be steep.
  • Watch your step. Vessel is constantly in motion.

Baggage Policy


Each passenger is allowed 2 pieces of luggage, no larger than 37x23x23 and weighing no more than 50 pounds each, to be stowed in the luggage compartment. In addition, each passenger may bring one carry-on that fits under airline style seating. Flammables or dangerous items are not allowed. Please make sure you have an ID tag on each item and do not leave luggage unattended in the terminal at any time. Unattended luggage is subject to search and seizure.

Click here for Baggage info sheet.


A reservation agent at Catalina Express can answer your questions and if you have a special luggage request may forward you on to customer service for a solution. For Groups of 20 or more passengers and for camp groups contact a Group Service Representative at extension 4. Large freight or extra ordinary freight, is directed to Catalina Freight Line (310) 510-0248 or Catalina Flying Boat at (310) 510-1441.


Special Luggage Information for DIVERS, CAMPERS and GROUP TRAVELERS (Updated May 2011)


The Following Articles May Be Carried On Board At Passenger’s Own Risk And Liability For Loss, Damage Or Theft. Space Available Only


One fold-up stroller per infant/child may be brought on board and transported free of charge.  It must fold and fit in the luggage compartment or crew designated area.


Bicycles, Jogger Strollers, Surfboards,
Bicycles and jogger strollers will be carried as “additional articles” on a space available basis. Surfboards, up to 9’ in length, are also acceptable as “additional articles” on a space available basis as are two wheeled dollies capable of disassembly. There will be a charge of $3.50 each way, per article and they are to be stored in crew designated areas.


Two Wheeled Dollies & Four Wheeled Collapsible Wagons

Standard two wheeled Dollies are acceptable to assist transporting luggage. Two bags can be placed on the two wheel dolly, each bag may be no larger than 23’’ x 23’’ x 37’’ and weighing no more than 50 lbs. Total weight on the dolly cannot exceed 100 lbs. Collapsible wagons are permitted on board. The collapsible wagons must be empty, collapsed and stored in the designated storage area during the duration of the trip. Four wheel dollies, four wheel carts and fixed four wheel wagons are not allowed on the vessel.


Tandem Bicycles, Kayaks, Four Wheeled Dollies & Trashcans
Tandem bicycles and kayaks will not be carried on board the vessel. Four wheeled dollies and trashcans are not permitted.


Electrical & Musical Equipment
Electronic, computer, audio/visual or related items or equipment can be carried at passenger’s own risk on a space available basis and must meet baggage allowances and will be stored in baggage compartment or crew designated areas.

Musical instruments and band related equipment can be carried at passenger’s own risk and must meet baggage allowances and must be stored in baggage compartment or crew designated areas.


Personal domestic pets are to be leashed and muzzled or in a pet carrying case while waiting to board the boat and for the duration of the trip.  One pet per passenger.  Pets are to stay close to the owner on the deck.  Pets are not allowed in passenger seats or in the aisles where they may obstruct traffic.  Pets must be secure in a muzzle, leash and collar or a muzzle and harness sufficiently strong and tight fitting to securely hold the pet, or the pet must be enclosed in a suitable animal carrier throughout the duration of the trip.  Catalina Express will not assume obligations to store or care for pets at ports, docks or on board vessels.  Animals must not have an offensive odor. Animals are not permitted in the Commodore's Lounge.


Articles And Materials Prohibited In Baggage
Acids, batteries, boxes (except those containing apparel or mechanic’s tools), camp stoves and lanterns (except electric or when propane or butane canisters are removed), charcoal, chinaware, human corpses, construction materials, cots, dangerous articles, explosives, firewood, fireworks, food stuffs, furniture, gambling devices, gasoline, glass or glassware, guns (loaded), household articles, inflammable materials, internal combustion engines of any kind, jewelry, kerosene, liquids, lumber, matches, merchandise, motorcycles, nails, outboard motors, perishable articles, paint, paint thinner, private papers or articles of extraordinary value, produce, televisions (except portable), tires, trail bikes, typewriters (except portable), and wire. 

Baggage Waivers

Baggage waivers releasing Catalina Express from any liability are required for all non-luggage items and animals.  Non-luggage items include, but are not limited to:  Fishing poles (enclosed in carrying case), golf clubs and golf bags, beach chairs, tool boxes, ice chests, carts, 2-wheeled carts, strollers, surfboards, bikes, sleeping bags and tents.  Baggage waivers may be obtained at the ticket window or from a dock person.

Limits of Liability

Catalina Express assumes no liability for damage or loss of any kind to ticket holder’s baggage or personal property resulting from inherent defects in the quality or nature of the personal baggage, insufficiency of identification, or any act or omission on the part of the ticket holder.


Evidence of Fare Paid

Tickets are evidence of fare paid and must be surrendered forboarding, cancellation, or inspection by a Catalina Express representative.

Ticket Change Charge

Tickets which are changed after they are issued will be charged a change fee of $5.00 per ticket, one way. There is no charge for making changes to a reservation prior to the ticket being issued.

Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Tickets

Your tickets have value. Please safeguard your tickets as you would cash. Catalina Express is not liable for lost, stolen, misplaced or destroyed tickets.

Tickets are required for travel

You cannot travel on lost tickets. To be able to travel, you must repurchase your tickets.

Refund for lost tickets

  • You may apply for a refund for lost or destroyed tickets. To do so you must complete the Lost Ticket Report at the Catalina Express ticket window.
  • Lost tickets may be refunded by Catalina Express if you were required to repurchase new tickets to travel. If your original tickets have not been used within 30 days of the date printed on the ticket, your Lost Ticket Report will be reviewed for processing.A handling fee will be applied.
  • Please keep in mind, all printed tickets are like cash, therefore, anyone who finds a lost ticket can use it. Identification is not required for boarding.
  • Sorry you cannot apply for a refund on-line.

Ticket are valid:

  • Between the ports listed on the ticket.
  • For the class of service and accommodations listed on the ticket.
  • Within the validity period stated on the ticket.
  • Subject to other conditions as stated on the ticket.

Tickets are Void if:

  • They bear alterations or erasures.
  • Presented for passage for another day, another port, or past validity conditions.

Cancellation Policy

Passengers may cancel their reservation without obligation, provided they contact Catalina Express at least 24 hours prior to departure and obtain a cancellation number. Passengers who do not show up on the day of travel will be charged the full amount of the round-trip fare.

Alcoholic Beverages – “Zero Tolerance”

ABC Regulations provide that no persons may drink alcoholic beverages aboard vessels unless the on-board snack bar licensee has served them.

U.S. coast Guard enforces a “zero-tolerance” policy regarding illegal drugs on all passenger vessels.

Terms & Conditions

Prices, schedules and terms subject to change without notice in conformance with California Public Utilities Commission Regulations. Round trip fares include $5.00 island wharfage fare per person round trip. Fares are subject to fuel and/or security surcharge. Holiday and holiday weekend schedules may vary, call for information. Catalina Express accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen tickets or any cancellations due to adverse weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control.