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Boat Seating Upgrades

Ask a Call Center Agent for upgrade availability.

Please see Travel Policies for guidelines.

Commodore Lounge

commodore lounge$15 upgrade

Why not ride in style? For a $15 upgrade each way, Commodore Lounge passengers enjoy priority boarding, comfortable seating in a more intimate lounge environment and a complimentary beverage with packaged snack served by cabin attendants. Leather trimmed seats in the Lounge are wider, recline for comfort and offer individual tray tables. In addition, the Commodore Lounge’s upper level location on the JetCat Express, Starship Express and Catalina Jet catamarans offer seat-to-ceiling level windows for great ocean views. Pets are not permitted in the Commodore Lounge.

For Reservations Call: (800) 481-3470

Captain’s Lounge

captains lounge$60 upgrade (San Pedro/Long Beach)

$80 upgrade (Dana Point)

For special occasions, increased privacy, and exclusivity, upgrade to the Captain’s Lounge. Captain’s Lounges can accommodate up to six passengers (San Pedro/Long Beach) or 8 passengers (Dana Point) and offer pre-boarding privileges, a complimentary beverage for each Lounge passenger up to 4, plush seating and amenities for just a $60 or $80 upgrade (room charge) per party over the normal fare.

Catering is available for passengers traveling in the Captain’s Lounge. For more information on menus and pricing, please call (310) 519-7971.

Photo at right displays Islander and Catalina Express's Captain's Lounges. Other vessels lounges may not look the same.

For Reservations Call: (800) 481-3470