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Meet the Fleet

Catalina Express whisks passengers to Catalina Island in about an hour.

The fleet consists of eight high-speed vessels including four large catamarans. Known for its sleek lines, the Catalina Express fleet has an unparalleled track record of reliability and safety in taking passengers to and from Catalina Island. All eight vessels have high speed ride control systems operated by onboard computers for a fast smooth ride.

Each vessel offers inside cabin seating, outside upper deck seating, full bar, refreshments and snacks. For an additional fare, some offer private lounges, Commodore or Captain’s, which can be pre-booked and where passengers enjoy increased privacy, a complimentary beverage and priority check-in and boarding. Catalina Express’ fleet boasts environmentally sensitive engines which reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and diesel particulate and are quieter and more fuel efficient. The Catalina Express team works 365 days a year to keep the fleet at top performance. “Passenger comfort, reliable service and environmental sensitivity are hallmarks of the Catalina Express vessel program. We work hard to provide that,” says President Greg Bombard.