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10 Things to be grateful for on Catalina Island

a woman standing in front of a body of water

Alongside tables of Thanksgiving bounty, evenings full of family and friends and football galore, the fall season reminds us to take time to be thankful. Family and friends are always on the list, but with Catalina Island just a short ride away, it’s easy to find even more to be grateful for this season.a woman standing in front of a body of water

Untouched paradise
Catalina Island continues to be one of Southern California’s top vacation destinations for unspoiled natural beauty, which stands in stark contrast to the unceasing urban sprawl on the mainland. Catalina’s unique ecosystems and a pristine environment are protected thanks to the Catalina Island Conservancy, which protects the island in its natural state in perpetuity.

Spending time with someone special
Catalina’s reputation as the “Island of Romance” was assured by the Four Preps iconic song, but that reputation was earned long before “26 Miles” took over the airwaves. Thanks to the siren allure of the Island’s ambiance, couples will continue to escape to Catalina, whether for impromptu weekend getaways, unforgettable honeymoons or destination weddings.

The Journey
Much more than just transportation, the ferry to Catalina offers a voyage of discovery. As Catalina slowly emerges from the horizon, the trip to the Island offers the promise of renewal and relaxation, surrounded by natural beauty and soothed by the sea. Accompanied by playful dolphins, the tang of salt spray and the raucous calls of gulls, Catalina Express’s fleet is as much a part of the Island experience as the sight of the Casino or the regular tolling from the Chimes Tower.

Reconnecting with family
Thanks to its wealth of activities and carefree ambiance, Catalina Island is the perfect spot to get the whole family together. Spending quality time with the kids, catching up with cousins or reuniting your whole clan for an epic family reunion are just a few of the many reasons to plan a family vacation to Catalina Island.

Ready to satisfy your wanderlust? We’re grateful that Catalina’s diversity of experiences offers a vacation for everyone. Want to rough it and spend a few days escaping from civilization? An off-season camping trip to the interior and some time on the Trans-Catalina Trail could be your perfect getaway. Looking for a few more comforts, but still want to feel like you’re just about off-the-grid? Book a weekend at Two Harbors on the island’s remote West End. Rather have boutique hotels, great dining and plenty of activities? Avalon’s charming waterfront is just the ticket.

The Catalina Island Museum
Recently reborn and completely reimagined, the Catalina Island Museum has graduated into a regional powerhouse institution hosting world-class exhibits along with an extensive showcase of Catalina history and culture. Thanks to its ever-changing exhibits and compelling calendar of events, the Catalina Island Museum is a must-visit on every trip to the Island.

New Experiences
Whether it is new adventures or experiences available nowhere else, the Island offers a unique opportunity to try something new. Packed with adrenalin or imbued with ultimate relaxation, we’re grateful that Catalina activities offer the ideal complement to an island vacation.

Great Food
One word describes the restaurants of Catalina Island and that word is “yum.” Thanks to access to great seafood, prime steaks, fresh produce and creative chefs, dining on Catalina Island is palate-pleasing adventure sure to please even the finickiest foodie.

Connecting with nature
Snorkeling above schooling fish. Spotting an elusive Catalina Island fox while hiking. Parasailing high over seagulls. Scuba diving through sun-dappled amber kelp forests. Four-wheeling alongside majestic herds of bison. Catalina Island offers a wide range of opportunities to connect with nature and be grateful for the spectacular natural beauty that surrounds us.


by Sherri Cline

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