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17 Catalina Island resolutions for 2017

a boat is docked next to a body of water

New Year’s is the time to set resolutions to make a difference in your life. In honor of 2017, here are 17 resolutions for the upcoming year, all of which you can do on Santa Catalina Island.a boat is docked next to a body of water

1. Try something new
Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. Scuba diving, parasailing and ziplining are just some of the many experiences available on Catalina Island.

2. Spend more time with your family
Whether you want to reconnect with a multi-generation family reunion or just bring your spouse and kiddos, a vacation on Catalina Island offers something for everyone.

3. Disconnect
Between tablets, laptops and smart phones, we seem to spend more time engrossed in the online world than in the real world. Leave the gadgets at home – or in your hotel room – and be in the moment on Catalina. Can’t stand the thought of being out of touch? Don’t worry, Wi-Fi is widely available on the Island.

4. Give back
There are many worthy organizations on Catalina Island, ranging from familiar service clubs like Rotary and Lions to Catalina-specific non-profits including the Catalina Conservancy and the Catalina Island Museum. Give back with a donation or join their membership program.

5. Spend more time outside
With spectacular natural beauty, Catalina Island is the perfect place to get outside and enjoy nature. Discover secluded coves while kayaking Catalina’s 50-plus miles of coastline. Experience remarkable vistas while you hike the Trans-Catalina Trail. Or simply wander Avalon’s quaint streets and charming waterfront.

6. Get healthy
Let Catalina Island be your inspiration to live healthier. Join a fitness class, walk the hills or choose a delicious salad at one of Avalon’s great restaurants. Ready to take it to the next level? The island is home to several runs, marathons and a triathlon.

7. Relax more
Stroll the waterfront, sleep in past breakfast or grab a good book and enjoy the sun and sand.

8. Get involved
There’s plenty of ways to get involved on Catalina Island, but the best way is by attending a special event like An Evening With Oscar or the Catalina Conservancy Ball.

9. Spend more time with your true love
There’s a reason Catalina has long been known as the Island of Romance. It’s the perfect spot for moonlit walks, couple’s massages and reconnecting with the one you love.

10. Worry less
Ready to leave your worries behind? Spend a day a world away from traffic, smog and congestion.

11. Volunteer
Catalina Island needs you. Help clean up a remote wind-swept beach or the Avalon Harbor. Plant native plants. Or book a Volunteer Vacation for several days of helping the Island.

12. Be more adventurous
Adventures abound on Catalina Island. Get your adrenaline pumping with a zipline experience, a Jeep Eco-Tour or while mountain biking in Catalina’s rugged interior.

13. Stress less
Book a massage – or a day at a spa – and let your stress melt away.

14. Go green
On an island, fresh water is one of the most precious resources. Make sure to use it wisely.

15. Overcome your fears
Plunge beneath the sea or soar above the waves to push your envelope and face your fears.

16. Reconnect
A Catalina Island vacation provides the perfect opportunity to spend some serious time together. Whether it’s your family or your friends, booking a trip for all of you is a commitment to reconnect in real life.

17. Wander
With more than 76 square miles – nearly all of which is undeveloped – Catalina Island is the perfect Southern California vacation destination to indulge your wanderlust. Discover new places and experiences on this unique island.


by Sherri Cline

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