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Catalina Holiday Gift Guide

a small boat in a large body of water

What do you give the family member or friend who is impossible to shop for this holiday season? Avoid the holiday lines and give an experience that will create treasured memories. Catalina Island has something to offer every type of personality on your holiday list.

a small boat in a large body of water

The Outdoor Explorer
For the person on your list that spends all their free time hiking or at the local REI, Catalina is the perfect next adventure for them.  All levels of hikers have over 165 miles of trails and roads to explore with some of the most diverse terrains in California. Take a couple of days off to enjoy the best camping in Southern California and attempt the famous Trans-Catalina Trail, which is 38.5 miles of fun that traverses the entire Island.

The History Buff
Catalina Island is a historic mecca for those interested in the Golden Age of Hollywood, the height of the Jazz Movement and the Chicago Cubs. From the iconic Casino to the new Catalina Island Museum, there is no shortage of insightful information about this magical island that will bring out everyone’s inner historian.

The Foodie
What better way to explore a new destination than through your taste buds. Even the pickiest of eaters will be in delight over the variety of food options Catalina has to offer, especially all the fresh seafood. Why stop at one restaurant when you can sample a range of the Island’s delicious spots with Catalina Food Tours? Tour the town and learn more about the history of Catalina while discovering some of the local favorite eateries.

The Thrill Seeker
When the roller coasters at the local amusement park are not enough, Catalina has activities that will give a new meaning to thrill ride. Propel down 5 separate zip lines over the Descanso Canyon at speeds approaching 30mph on the Zipline Eco Tour or learn to fly over the ocean with the new water sport, Action Flyboarding. The Island is full of adrenaline-filled adventure vacations for your favorite daredevil.

The Artist
Catalina has inspired creativity with local artists for years leading to beautiful paintings, breathtaking photography, magnificent sculptures, catchy songs and so much more. The Island even has a unique history in the art of tilemaking that is showcased throughout town. While in Avalon, visitors have the opportunity to learn more and create tiles of their own at Silver Canyon Pottery with local artist, Robin Cassidy.

The Brunch Squad
For some brunch is not just a meal, it is a weekend tradition to get together with your besties and talk about the week. Take your brunch date to the next level by dining at Mt. Ada, the former island escape of William Wrigley Jr. and his wife Ada. The elegant inn serves new American cuisine on the patio that overlooks the picturesque Avalon.

The Wellness Seeker
After the holidays, it is time to relax and avoid the stress of the season by getting away to a place that specializes in tranquility. Catalina has many spas that focus on relieving the tension of daily life with a variety of massages. Bring out the inner yogi at the Island Spa Catalina by joining one of their many yoga and other fitness classes.
For those endeavoring a juice cleanse, the health kick doesn’t have to stop because it is vacation time. Café Metropole offers fresh pressed juices and other healthy options to stay on track.


Whichever getaway you decide to surprise that lucky someone with, your first step is to secure transportation to Catalina.

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