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Catalina Island Staples

Catalina Island has many dining specialties that are unique to the Island. Many are considered a staple when visiting on this island getaway.

The famous Buffalo Milk that originated in Two Harbors.

Buffalo Milk

A crowd favorite is the Buffalo Milk cocktail that first originated in Two Harbors and then quickly became a specialty to many of the restaurants on Catalina Island.  The frothy concoction took its name after the famous bison that roam the rugged interior of the Island. Ask any bartender and they’ll be able to shake up this classic cocktail.

Wiki Wacker

Another popular drink that is known to Avalon is the Wiki Wacker cocktail from Luau Larry’s. Just steps away from the beach, the fruity cocktail adds a touch of paradise to your Catalina Island getaway. Stop by for a tropical drink and leave with an island straw hat as a token from your vacation. Luau Larry’s, where the bar meets the bay!

a pile of friesFresh Seafood

A perfect getaway wouldn’t be the same without an appetizing meal. Taste the catch of the day! Catalina Island is known for their fresh, locally caught seafood at restaurants such as NDMK Fish House, Steve’s Steakhouse & Seafood and the M Restaurant. Sample some of the most delicious seafood meals that local chefs create.

Bison Burger

In the 1920’s, bison were brought to Catalina Island for filming then became a part of the landscape and Catalina culture. Named after the bison that roam the interior, the Bison burger is a dish included on the menu at half a dozen restaurants in Avalon. The Bison burger is a leaner, more environmentally-friendly alternative to beef and each restaurant adds its own twist to the popular dish.

a kitchen with a sink and a shower

Salt Water Taffy

You can’t leave Catalina Island without a sweet treat and a trip down memory lane! Lloyd’s of Avalon brings back feelings of nostalgia with their classic desserts, like their famous salt water taffy. Salt water taffy is an iconic staple for dessert when visiting the Island that many like to even bring home to share. Peak through the window at Lloyd’s to watch fresh salt water taffy be made in-house, daily.

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