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Family Fun

Create lasting and meaningful memories when you explore Catalina Island. Plan your next family getaway with the best activities for kids of all ages. a group of people on a beach near a body of water

For All Ages

Traveling with little ones is always exciting. They are little balls of energy and ready to experience everything. Catalina Island offers great activities fit for any age.

Descanso Beach Club – Head over to Descanso Beach Club and rent your own lounge chair or Cabana. Here your kiddos will be able to play in the soft sand, splash in the water and get all their energy out. When your tummy starts grumbling, order from their large menu and have it delivered directly to where you’re relaxing in the sun.

Semi-Submarine Excursion – See their eyes light up when they encounter hundreds of colorful sea life through the clear boat floor. The Semi-Submarine Excursion is a perfect activity for the whole family and even offers guests a chance to feed the fish. This exciting experience is going to keep all the kids and kids at heart giddy for days.

Antonio’s – Get the great food with the best views at Antonio’s. With their wide variety and family-friendly menu, everyone will be able to pick out a delicious meal. Sit on the back patio and get a stunning view of the Avalon Harbor and Casino.a little girl sitting at a beach

Adventurous Kids

Life as a pre-teen is all about high-flying excitement. Catalina Island is filled with adventures fit to thrill your kids and give you memories to last a lifetime.

Catalina Aerial Adventure – How does an obstacle course set high in the trees sound? For those looking to test their skills, the Catalina Aerial Adventure course was built for you. Swing, crawl and climb your way through this unique and challenging outdoor experience.

Golf Cart – Wanting to keep the adventure going but with your feet on the ground? Rent your very own golf cart and tour the Island. Cruise through the streets stopping to take pictures of the Islands beautiful scenery. Your teen will have a trending selfie in no time.

NDMK Fish House – NDMK offers your adventures to taste some of the Island’s freshest seafood. Dive into flavorful poke bowls, scrumptious burrito-style rolls and classic entrees. Your family will love experiencing new foods and have fast favorites.The jeep eco tour driving in the interior of Catalina Island.

The Drive to See It All

For the older adult kids in your life, Catalina Island is the place to explore. From the clear water full of kelp forests to the towering buffalo along the Island’s backcountry, Catalina will be their favorite family getaway.

Off-Road Interior Tour – Hop on an open-air hummer or jeep and cruise over Catalina’s rough backcountry. With access to 165 miles of paved and unpaved roads, an expert guide will take your family to parts of Catalina no other tour can reach. Experience the Island’s rich history, see unique plants and wildlife and awe-inspiring views.

Kayaking – Take to the open water and rent kayaks for the family. Tour the harbors and get up close and personal to the island coastline. Create your own adventure or have a guide take your family to see Catalina’s magnificent beauty.

Maggie’s Blue Rose – After a day of exploring and adventure, feed those hungry bellies at the Maggie’s Blue Rose. Take advantage of this island first when you dine with your family with your toes in the sand. With tables out on the beach, enjoy Maggie’s Mexican menu and look out over the beautiful Avalon Harbor.

Whether your family is just starting out or about to leave the nest, everyone will enjoy making memories on Catalina Island.

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