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Pick Your Catalina Experience

Vacation means different things to different people and not all travel destinations can provide something for everyone to enjoy, but Catalina Island has something to offer all different types of personalities. From thrill seekers to nature lovers, here are a few suggestions to customize your Catalina getaway to your liking.

a man standing on top of a dirt roadThrill Seekers

Nothing screams adventure like soaring through the sky at high speeds. The Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour takes you to up a ridge 600 feet about Descanso Beach Club and you experience two hours of adrenaline-fueled fun. You’ll enjoy sweeping ocean views as you zigzag down and across the canyon and through a grove of towering eucalyptus trees on five separate lines at speeds approaching 35 mph.

Nature Lover

Catalina Island is the perfect place to visit for the people who love the outdoors. The Island offers over 165 miles of trails for every level of hiker to explore. No other Channel Island features the diversity in plant and animal life like Catalina. The best way for you to venture into Catalina’s wilderness is to first stop by the Catalina Island Conservancy’s Trailhead to obtain your hiking permits and talk to specialist to steer you towards the right trail. If hiking isn’t your thing, try exploring the Island’s interior by bike or Jeep tour. There is no wrong way to choose how to explore.

a large building

History Buff

The Island has a fascinating history that deserves to be discovered. Where ever you look in Catalina Island you will see something of historical significance. From the Catalina tile to the majestic Catalina Casino building. Start your history lesson at the Catalina Museum for Art & History. Located in the heart of Avalon, the museum helps you immerse yourself in the Island’s history. The museum celebrates the Island’s unique and vibrant cultural, featuring collections of Catalina artifacts, photographs, the connection to the Chicago Cubs, its role in World War II and more.

a person standing in front of a palm tree

Wellness Seeker

Island vacations are the best when you love to go places to destress and unplug. Catalina has many spas that offer a variety of treatments to help you relax and renew your body and spirit. From quick massages to an all-day spa experience, Catalina Island has just what you need.

a person sitting on a bench

Beach Bum

The ultimate reason to visit an island is to go to the beach. For those who love the sun and the sea, Catalina Island is the place to be. Rent a lounge chair or private cabana at Descanso Beach Club to make your beach day extra special. Stroll past the famous Casino Ballroom and enjoy one of California’s last private beaches open to the public.  It’s also one of the few places where you can legally have a drink in your hand and your feet in the sand at the same time.

Catalina Island has a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. Start planning your getaway today and discover all the great activities Catalina has waiting for you.

First Photo By Catalina Island Conservancy

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