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Segway Tours on Catalina

a group of people on a sidewalk

Have you explored Catalina Island yet? A new and fun way to see the Island is by Segway. Wherever you want to go in Avalon, the Segway can pretty much get you there. Fast and easy. It might look intimidating and challenging, but once you got the hang of it, you will want to buy one to take home. This is also a great group activity. Our Marketing team was excited to try them out for ourselves, so we went to Catalina and checked them out.a group of people on a sidewalk

After an hour boat ride from Long Beach, we went straight to the Tour Plaza to check in with Catalina Segways. My team strapped on the helmets and we received a 10-minute introduction on how to use a Segway and what not to do (some of us should have listened to that a little better). The group had the chance to practice the use of our new tour buddy and become more comfortable driving it. Our tour guide checked on all of us to see if we were ready to be let out on the streets of Avalon. Most of us were good to go (some were a little skeptical), so we hit the road.

First, stop on our tour was the iconic Catalina Casino. While a couple of us in the group was still trying to gain more confidence, the rest of the group was enjoying the beautiful waterfront. Passing by the Avalon Tuna Club and the Yacht Club, I was starting to feel the adrenalin and began speeding up a little more. In only a few short minutes, we made it to the Casino, went down the back and watched the divers for a bit while listening to the tour guide telling us about the Casino and its history.

After the Casino, our guide led us to the Bird Park to learn more about this historic site. For about 35 years, the Avalon Bird Park was one of the top attractions on Catalina. It was home to hundreds of species. But after World War II, access to the Island was limited by the military occupation, and so the end of the park was near. In 1966 the remaining birds were sent to the Los Angeles Zoo. Today it serves as an outdoor playground to the local children and visitors. Right across the street is the Catalina Golf Course, the oldest operating course west of the Rocky Mountains!

Wow, the first hour of the tour went by fast. On the way back to the Tour Plaza, we went through side streets and saw the colorful small houses that give Avalon its charm and laid back island vibe. As we made our way through the streets of this beautiful town, all I could think of was how perfect and exciting this tour is. Since you have control over your own ride, it’s very interactive and for that reason easier to absorb all the information given on the tour. If you don’t fear the challenge, I would recommend you try and experience it for yourself!


by Ramona Freismuth

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