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Jet off on Catalina

a person riding a surf board on a body of water

Summer is here and everyone is looking forward to their adventure vacations, weekend getaways or at least a day trip to cool off. With a quick boat ride from San Pedro, Long Beach or Dana Point, Catalina Island is the perfect spot to take a break from the everyday life. The best thing about Catalina is that it doesn’t matter how long you stay, there are so many enjoyable activities offered, you won’t be bored. It was hard for me to pick one thing to do, but I finally decided on a fast and fun water sport activity that is just taking off. Action Flyboarding!a person riding a surf board on a body of water

It’s a simple process. After signing in and a 5-minute boat ride from the pier over to the float by Hamilton Cove, it was already go time. My adrenaline was running high, luckily the instructors were so nice and easy going that all my fear vanished while they were explaining how everything works. Being tied to the “flyboard” reminded me a little bit of snowboarding. You are not able to move your feet individually and a lot of strength comes from the core. This isn’t just fun but also a full body work out.

Once in the water and ready to go, the most important thing to remember is to have fun! Feeling the water pressure under me and slowly being pushed out of the water and into the air felt incredible. At the beginning it seemed really hard, and I was a little unstable, but the longer I was in the water and on my board, the more comfortable and better I became. My instructor was super helpful and gave me tips along the way. He told me about different tricks I could try out by putting weight on each leg at different times and pushing down, and how not to fall as much. I think falling is inevitable if you’re not a pro, so don’t worry. Since you’re only going to fall in the water anyways, it is really safe.

I never thought I would love Action Flyboarding this much as I am a little wary of the ocean and heights, but once I flew up in the air, all of those things were forgotten. I wish I could have stayed on my board for hours.

Intrigued? Then sign up for your summer adventure with Catalina Action Flyboarding and don’t forget the most important thing: Have Fun!


by Ramona Patruno

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